Find out what VoIP services have to offer

hosted voip phone servicesBefore you can decide if you want to switch from your old telephone line to VoIP, make sure that you fully understand what VoIP services have to offer and find out if it can be a solution to your big phone bills.

Most VoIP providers offer less expensive rates in the event that you agree sign a contract to a yearly or two-year payment plan, but if you choose to cancel the contract before it expires then you will have to pay some serious cancelation tax. If you chose to make month-to-month arrangements, then you can dodge the cancellation charge, but it is not a good idea if you will stay with the same provider on a long-term basis.

One point of interest of VoIP is less expensive long-distance and worldwide calling, so if that is a very important aspect to you, search for the best offer that you can find and, study it very carefully. Companies usually offer unlimited minutes anywhere in the world or unlimited minutes only in some selected states. A few services let you pick your own territory code, so that on the off chance that you are far from family or friends, you can pick a number in their general vicinity so their calls to you are local and yours to them. And there’s always the situation when you can use your computer or laptop as your telephone by using the Skype application.

In general, almost every company that provides hosted voip phone services  have the following offer:

v  Long-distance calls

v  Unlimited minutes within the same network.

v  No need to change your old telephone number

v  Voicemail

v  Caller ID

v  Call waiting

v  Call forwarding

v  Online Account Management

Nowadays there are many VoIP providers, so the rivalry between these companies is good for the clients not only because the bigger competition means lower prices, but also because now you can customize your services and create a fixed charge to pay per month.